Lingjack Digital in Partnership with Temasek Polytechnic in new Integrative Built Environment Centre (IBEC)

Lingjack Digital Pte Ltd has entered a new partnership with Temasek Polytechnic School of Engineering at its newly retrofitted Integrative Built Environment Centre (IBEC). The Centre provides future-ready and industry-relevant training and solutions for the built environment sector. It focuses on industry regulatory, uplift, and transformational training for both Pre-Employment Training (PET) and Continuing Education and Training (CET) while engaging in research & development projects involving smart technologies.

Lingjack Digital’s SMART Fire Safety and Emergency System installed at IBEC consists of state-of-art wireless and IoT technologies that allows users to monitor effectively, control, manage and maintain their fire-fighting and emergency assets through a network of intelligent sensory and control nodes. It provides a secure live interactive cloud-based dashboard allowing rapid response in emergencies.

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