SMART Fire Safety And Emergency

Non Compliance Fire Safety Products

Fire Extinguisher leaked, missing, access obstructed, etc

Fire Safety Equipment not operational during emergency

Worried about Fire Code Compliance


Not Enough Manpower

Tedious and Time Consuming

Exit Emergency Light Manual Testings

Enhance Safety Preparedness... Be Compliant ...Reduce Manpower, Time and Effort

Obstruction to escape path is a critical hazard , immediate action has to be taken for safety breach , however huge manpower resources are required to do manual monitoring , NOW we can easily add on our AI software to your existing cctv camera system to automate the monitoring process to get the situation under control. Immediate action can be taken for safety breach !
Also the technology can be use to predict space utilisation or crowd control .


Lingjack Smart IOT

Lingjack SMART Fire Safety and Emergency System is a One-Stop Platform that integrates active monitoring, automatic testing, fault/non-compliance notification, corrective action & resolution management and record keeping & reporting in a straight-forward and efficient workflow.

It serves to help Owners and Maintainers to enhance their premise Safety Preparedness, reinforce the Fire Code compliance using digitalisation and technology to reduce manpower, time and cost.

It also serves as a Platform that Authority could rely on to increase oversight effectiveness.


Event-Based Monitoring : Reinforce Fire Code Compliance At The Same Time, Reduce manpower, Time, Cost,

Current fire code mandates a monthly inspection which takes a lot of time and effort. This is the responsibility of owners/occupants. With Smart Monitoring and Control System, fire safety products are electronically monitored. Through Event-Based Monitoring, users are alerted for faults or potential no-compliances situations against current fire code requirements.

One Common Fire Safety & Emergency Platform : Smart Monitoring and Control System

It is a one-stop, common fire safety and emergency platform for building owners, in-house inspectors, 3rd party service agents to manage and maintain fire safety products.

Smart Nodes on Fire Safety Products actively monitor different critical areas (eg leakage, blockage, tampering etc) and communicates on a  secure mesh low energy network. Through the Cloud-based Command Centre. Users monitor, initiate tests, plan schedules and receive alerts for faults and potential fire code non-compliances via a Browser or Mobile app

Enhance Your Fire Safety Preparedness

Lingjack Digital’s SMART Fire Safety and Emergency enhances the Fire Safety Preparedness of your office, building, warehouse etc critical premises. Ensuring that fire safety products like fire extinguishers, exit, emergency lights etc are always operational ready for use during emergencies.

Workflow Management

The Smart Fire Safety and Emergency System incorporates an easy-to-use and efficient workflow which includes
(1) 24/7 active monitoring,
(2) Remote automated testing,
(3) Non-compliance detection and notifications,
(4) Corrective Action & Resolution,
(5) Records/Reports.

Wire Free, Battery Operated

Smart Nodes are Battery Operated. No costly wiring infrastructure costs.

Non Instrusive Monitoring

Maintain operational integrity of Customer’s assets that are monitored and controlled.

Does not involve expensive changes in existing systems.

AnyTime, AnyWhere, Live Interactive & Secure Monitoring and Control

It is more than a Dashboard, The Command Center provides users with an interactive interface to manage and execute operational tasks remotely and efficiently within a secure environment. It also performs data analysis, trending etc, providing more insights.

Command Center
  • Secure with SHA 256bits RSA Encryption with Password Control.
  • Interactive Graphical User Interface.
  • Available on Web and Mobile App.
  • Full Activity Log.
  • Event and Alerts Management.
  • Remote Activation of Built In Test
  • Maintenance Planning, Schedule Tests.
  • Fault/Non-Compliance Management, Report Generation.
  • Data Analysis. Trending.



Missing Fire Extinguisher

Missing Fire Extinguisher

Foreign Objects

Leaked FE

Leaked Fire Extinguisher

Hose Water Leakage

Hose Leakage

Fire Door Obstruction

Fire Door Obstruction

Exit & Emergency Lights

Emergency & Exit Light

General Obstruction

Fire Fighting Assets eg Pump, Sprinkler System, Fire Panel etc


  • Temperature and Humidity Sensing
  • Hot Spot Alarms

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